The possibility of obtaining a quick loan for agriculture is an opportunity to develop your business.

Some possible destinations of loans for agriculture:


Working capital

  1. Seeds, fertilizer, herbicides, fungicides
  2. Payment of salaries or fees from state
  3. Payments to suppliers
  4. Refinancing working capital loans from other institution



  1. Acquisition of agriculture machinery
  2. Purchase of agricultural land, warehouses
  3. Construction of greenhouses, stables, warehouses for storage
  4. Purchase of animals
  5. Purchase of irrigation systems
  6. Refinancing investment loans from other institutions


Mixed destination

  1. Any combination of the above: WORKING CAPITAL + INVESTMENTS

Who can be beneficiaries of agriculture loans:

Agro loans benficiaries can perform any agricultural activity and can be organized as:

  1. Individual agro producers
  2. Companies: PFA, II, IF, SRL, SA with farming activity


Terms of lending for agriculture:

Loan Amount 2 000 – 45 000 lei
Term 60 months
Guarantee Only with personal guarantee
Loan Amount 45 001 – 135 000 lei
Term 84 months
Guarantee Personal guarantee and movable property
Loan Amount 135 001 – 700 000 lei
Term 120 months
Guarantee Personal guarantee and movable property


To obtain a loan for agriculture requires a minimum package of documents:

  1. Identity cards for associates / personal guarantors
  2. Certificate for agricultural producers or legal papers of the company
  3. Statement from the municipality with assets situation
  4. Papers related to the financial situation of the business


  • Minimum package of documents
  • The answer for amounts up to 45,000 lei in two days
  • Transparency
  • Flexible repayment chart

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