Catalin Badrea
Cătălin Badrea, originally from Iași, launched his first business in 1993 at the age of 20. He started with the opening of a small business in a track, after which, over time, he developed its business so that in 2012 he had more stores. These were located in the largest wholesale shopping complex of that period in Iasi.

Even if in the nineties it was not easy to make a business, Mr. Badrea managed to develop a beautiful business step by step. He was selling strollers, baths, baby beds, toys and other baby products.

All went well until a large fire in April 2012 have changed Mr. Badrea's business plans. After the flames of the fire destroyed his work points and merchandise, he had to restart his business from nothing. It seems that all the misfortunes were to go in the chain. The fire destroyed the merchandise that had to cover bank loans. Mr. Badrea risked losing his business, losing his home, his car and other valuable goods. The family but also a bank counselor were almost all this time by his side, Mr. Badrea haven’t resigned. Encouraged by those close people, he made a series of right decisions that took him out of financial impasse.

In 2012, Mr. Badrea launched a new business Călin Company Junior with the same activity in another mall. The business bears the name of his son Alexandru-Călin, which gives a spirit of family business. Since 2012, Mr. Badrea has managed to open 3 stores with a total area of approximately 570m2 (250m2, 219m2, 110m2) and has a warehouse for 200m2 merchandise. Being a family business, the son Alexandru-Călin after finishing the university took over part of the business administration, more precisely, he is in charge of managing the big store. He is responsible for creating and optimizing the merchandise assortment, a very important thing for a business in commerce.

Călin Company Junior is a beautiful family business model. According to ANAF, the average turnover of the last 5 years is over a half of million RON, the average number of employees is 7, and at present the company has 10 employees.
Although the business was thriving, Mr Badrea decided to facilitate its growth by accessing financing. In early 2017, Mr. Badrea accessed an investment loan from Mikro Kapital. The money obtained was invested in the purchase of a car for freight transport that would facilitate the operational and logistical flow of the company, implicitly to contribute to the growth and development of the business.