Zamisnicu Mihai Remus
As we know, agriculture is an indispensable part of both the existence of the human race and the economy. Farmers have been appreciated for their work and contribution for society since ancient times.

A good example of an agricultural entrepreneur from Romania is Mr. Zamisnicu who has been farming for over 30 years. The business was started by his father in 1989 and now, Mr. Zamisnicu together with other associates have developed a large business.

Mr. Zamisnicu grows vegetables in the field and in the solarium, he grows tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants and roots which are sold wholesale to large institutions such as hospitals, kindergartens and others. He owns 5 ha of agricultural land plus other 50 ha where he plants vegetables, Mr. Zamisnicu is one of the largest farmers in Iasi county.

Agriculture is a seasonal business, a business for which you need to make consistent capital investments at the beginning of the agricultural season. This why it is very important to opt for the right financing.
Mr. Zamisnicu, for example, have been financed 4 times from Mikro Kapital. These financing was useful for purchases of seeds, fertilizers, payments to suppliers and payments for labor. He has 15 workers working on field each day for 6 months each year.

These funding contributed to the improvement of the operational flow which in turn led to the growth of the business. And we were able to enjoy the vegetables grown by Mr. Zamisnicu's farm.