Elena R. B.
HAPPY&HOP is a playground for children located in ERA Shopping Park in city of Iasi, ROMANIA.

This project was carried out following the initiative of Mrs. Elena R.B.. Traveling very often with her children abroad, she noticed that in other countries there is a more developed culture of playgrounds for children, playgrounds that offers more entertainment options and another level of service.

Knowing that in the city of Iasi doesn’t exist a playground as complex as the ones she seen abroad, in 2017, Ms. Elena R. B challenged herself to build such a space in town of Iasi. The founder of HAPPY & HOP has proposed to build a different kind of playground for children, a recreational playground that will also provide parents with a close interaction with their children in a stimulating, decent and safe environment, a place where everyone can have fun.
Therefore, in 2017 the project was launched. Elena found a big space with high ceiling to ensure a sufficient surface to install the playground. A sketch of the play area was created and all the necessary equipment from the UK was ordered in the same year.

Initially, it was planned to fully found the project by its founder. During the implementation of the project, unforeseen expenses arisen which have generated additional financial needs. Thus, following a recommendation received from an acquaintance, Mrs. Elena R.B. has accessed a 30,000 euro finance from Mikro Kapital.

The project was successfully completed by the end of 2017 and at the beginning of 2019 in this project 8 people were employed. The playground has an area of 400m2 and is equipped with 5 zones (two playgrounds, a party room, a bar area and an administrative area). Founder Happy & Hop confessed to her future plan to increase the playground so that she could develop a structure with a wider complexity of obstacles and attractions for children.